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Scoop Jardine Finds Out He’s Not on an Intramural Basketball Team

Syracuse men’s basketball officials held a private meeting with junior guard Scoop
Jardine yesterday to inform him that he is playing for the Syracuse D-1 basketball
team not an intramural team that he and his buddies put together.

“We discovered that Scoop’s was taking ill-advised shots and showing poor ball
control at key moments in close games because he thought he was on an intramural team with a few of his friends,” head basketball coach Jim Boeheim said.

The meeting was held after an early morning shoot around yesterday. SU Athletic
Director Darrell Gross called Jardine into Boeheim’s office to tell him to “knock it
off,” and to, “quit making us looking like idiots.”

“I was just fucking around because I thought these were intramural games,” Jardine said during the 45-minute meeting. “This is D-1 basketball I guess. That’s what they told me. And the games actually matter? Oops.”

Jardine reportedly thought he was on an intramural basketball team called, “Takin’
It To The Scoop,” and played his games in the Carrier Dome because, “I’m motha fuckin’ Scoop Jardine.”

“That was a close one. I’m glad we figured this out before the tournament,” Boeheim said. “He really could have screwed this up for us.”

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